Quality brings famous brand---- A warm celebration the Liu Liu Shun company won the honor of Shandong famous brand again.

The 2020 annual meeting of Shandong Brands,“Gather brand power and create a smart future”, sponsored by Shandong Brand Promotion Association was held in Jinan on November 27th. The conference released the list of well-known brands in Shandong in 2020. Vermicelli produced by Shandong Liuliushun Food Co., Ltd. won the honor  of "Shandong Famous Brand".

As a well-known enterprise in the industry, Shandong LiuLiuShun Food Co., LTD has been adhering to the mission of promoting a happy life with healthy food and insisting on the enterprise philosophy that the products can be presented to you only after tested by ourselves.We adopt advanced technology and processing facilities to produce the internationally high quality product. No additives are used during the whole process.  

   Quality brings famous brand and responsibility makes the future success. We believe quality is the basic premise and power to win the recognition of customers and to promote the rapid development of enterprises. Shandong LiuLiuShun Food Co., Ltd. always adheres to  keep high quality and shoulder our responsibility. Continuous innovations, high standards and strict requirements, we stride forward to be the most respected food enterprise!