Pea starch is pure white.It is characterized by non-caking, high transparency, low protein, good flexibility and film-forming property.It is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, dairy and some other fields.

In the food field

Pea starch is dominant in all kinds of starch, both in taste and in nutritional value.


1」Bean jelly and vermicelli: Pea starch can improve the disease resistance and rehabilitation ability of the body, enhance the immunity, prevent the synthesis of carcinogens and reduce the incidence of human cancer.

2」Binder and thickener: Pea starch has good coagulation, structure regulation and expansion regulation and it is also high in viscosity. It can be widely used as binder and thickener in many food production.

3」 Pea starch can be used for making maltose, glucose and alcohol