Pea fiber contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, it is one of the seven essential nutrients for human body. Its functions as follows:

Improve intestinal function.Insoluble dietary fiber in the intestines will absorb redundant waste and then expands with water .It will make feces get bigger and intestinal move.You may see the toilet is waving to you.

Control weight. It is more satiety than regular food because of its low absorption rate. Weight control becomes easy;

Stable blood glucose. The dietary fiber can delay the absorption and the rapid increase of blood glucose after meal. Fluctuations in blood glucose will be reduced

Lower Cholesterol.Soluble dietary fiber can reduce the stimulation of cholesterol synthesis in the liver so as to reduce cholesterol synthesis. And substances broken down in the intestinal system can also inhibit cholesterol synthesis.

In the food field

1」Baking foods: high dietary fiber bread, cakes, cookies and etc. Dietary fiber improves the water-holding so that it will be conducive to product preservation and reduce the cost.

2」 Meat products: The dietary fiber improves the water-holding and increases the nutrition of meat.

3」 Dairy products: The dietary fiber perfects the taste of dairy products and be beneficial to maintain intestinal health, lower the cholesterol.

In the pet supplies field

Application: Cat litter. Pea fiber Cat litter has high fiber degree, strong water absorption and little harm to the cats because of its natural raw materials.