Yosin pea protein is high quality protein which is isolated and extracted from peas.It is isolated by the unique biological fermentation technology which has been improved from the traditional process . Yosin pea protein is complete protein containing 18 kinds of amino acids essential to the human body.

In the food field

The functions of pea protein include improving immunity, regulating intestinal system , completing amino acid supplement, promoting collagen synthesis, promoting postoperative recovery after disease and helping slimming . Therefore, the protein can be added to food as a nutritional supplement.

1」The grai Application: bread, cake, noodles, nutritious rice noodles

2」Meat: Because of its high quality, it can be added to meat products as a meat substitute.
Application: "artificial meat", hamburger Patty, ham and so on.

3」Pet food: Supply essential protein to your pet.

4」Dairy products: It can be used in yogurt, milk powder and others. It helps ensure adequate intake of protein and improves food value.

In the health care

Pea protein belongs to plant protein. It contains no cholesterol and low in fat.While after it hydrolyzed by thermophilic protease,the filtered protein peptide will be beneficial in lowering blood pressure/p>

1」Health care: Protein deficiency can lead to growth retardation, low immunity,  cutis laxa and pro-senescence.
Pea protein not only provides protein but also lowers blood pressure.
Application: health care products, health drinks

2」Fitness: Pea protein can significantly increase satiety and muscle.
Application: Meal replacement powder, functional protein drinks, milk products such as functional milkshake, energy bars, etc .

In the beauty field

1」Cosmetics: Bioactive peptide Antioxidant peptide can be extracted from pea separation protease.It can be added to cosmetics as natural materials.