Yosin Biotechnology, open the healthy road for you by natural plant-based protein .We are waiting for you at the Asiaceutical summit &Expo 2020.

Yosin , chooses natural essence for you.

Warmly welcome to Booth C07 .

How to meet our needs for delicious foods without damaging the environment, animal’s happiness or public health? Where to find healthy , green and natural plant-based foods ?

The high-profile Asiaceutical summit &Expo 2020 has begun. Since Yosin adopts advanced technology, high-quality protein is separated and extracted from non-GMO yellow peas . It is the safe and food-grade plant-based protein . All that will open the healthy road for you.

The exhibition is under way and we are looking forward to your favor.

The exhibition is packed with people!

Welcome to Yosin Biological and Asiaceutical summit &Expo 2020

You will deeply understand the application of protein, starch, fiber.

Exhibition time: October 21-23, 2020

Booth No. : C07