Yosin Biotechnology (Yantai) Co.,ltd is looking forward to our meeting at FIA A natural plant-based products feast will be shown .

The 22nd “Hi & Fi Asia-China”hosted by Informa Markets and Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., LTD will be held in Shanghai Hongqiao  Exhibition Center on November 25 to 27, 2020. Hi & Fi Asia-China has been a pioneer in the food industry since it has specialized in food additives and food ingredients for 22 years.


As a high-quality pea protein producer, Yosin Biotechnology (Yantai) Co., Ltd is always adheres to the aim “Choose natural essence for you”.We will take our natural pea protein and wait for you at our booth .Our protein is additives free and your health will be well protected.

Pea protein

Yosin pea protein is high quality protein which is isolated and extracted from peas. It is complete protein containing 18 kinds of amino acids essential to the human body. The protein contains no cholesterol and is easily absorbed by the human bodies. It also has many other functions such as promoting the elimination of wastes , regulating intestines and stomach,lowering blood pressure and strengtheningthe immunity.

Pea starch

The pea starch is dominant in all kinds of starch, both in taste and in nutritional value.It is pure white.It is characterized by non-caking, high transparency, low protein, good flexibility and film-forming property.The starch is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, dairy and some other fields.

Pea fiber

The pea fiber is an indispensable nutrient for maintaining human health. No chemicals are added during the process.  It is allergen,cholesterol, lactose and gluten free.Intestines can be effectively cleaned and protected by eating the fiber regularly.It has good effect in preventing gastrointestinal diseases and maintaining intestinal health.

We keep practicing to realize innovation and breakthrough

Food safety is closely related to human health now. As an important carrier to meet consumers' nutritional and health needs, food plays a crucial role in choice. Where to find the healthy and natural ingredients? We believe our new pea protein will give you a satisfactory answer.We insist on paying continuous attention to quality and additives free in the whole process.We pursue to meet the public taste by summing up our experiences and attempting again and again. Yosin will look forward to the trend of pea protein together with you!

Believe the natural power and have a healthy life with plant-based protein 

Since the advanced technologies in food industry developing continuously, the food consumption transfers from subsistence consumption to healthy consumption and enjoyment consumption. The food consumption market will gradually shift from guaranteed supply to personalized, functional and fashionable demands. Yosin always advocates the healthy and natural concept  and inspires the unlimited potential of plants. The pea protein extracted from natural yellow peas sticks to our concept. 

Let’s get together and discuss the development of the plant-based foods.